Perhaps you’ve recently been working from home more than usual (voluntarily or involuntarily) or maybe you’ve been a lone freelancer without a fixed office for some time. Whatever the case, co-working spaces have been gaining popularity over the past few years and it couldn’t hurt to check out some of the benefits they can offer. Here are just a few that might interest you:

Affordable Office Space 

Co-working spaces give you the chance to engage in productive work from a dedicated office setting at a reasonable cost. Either through a subscription or by using a day pass, you can purchase as much or as little time as you need to get the job done. Spare rooms at home can easily become too loud or full for productivity and you can’t be sure that your favourite nook at the coffee shop will be empty when you need it most. 

Handy Office Equipment

Maintaining a full suite of office equipment can be expensive, especially if you only need some of it once or twice a month. Most co-working spaces offer access to scanners, printers and a host of other machines that can help you grow your business and keep clients satisfied whenever paper-based communication is necessary.

Networking and Collaboration

Many people who switch to freelancing or entrepreneurship after working in offices will agree, the lack of office chatter can make you a bit lonely. In a coworking space, you can enjoy as much or as little interaction as you need to keep your creative juices flowing. Better yet, by interacting with people from different fields, you run a better chance of stumbling upon novel solutions to problems that might otherwise have plagued you for months! Be sure to attend scheduled events to make the most of your interactions.

Great Locations

Most co-working spaces are conveniently located in thriving cities and towns to make it easier for members to schedule meetings with clients there and have access to a host of useful amenities. Some are even in beautiful historic buildings that provide a beautiful setting for photos you can share with your customer base on social media so they get a behind-the-scenes look at how the work you do gets done.

Those are just a few great reasons to try co-working but there are hundreds more and the movement is growing all over the world. Always remember, you can co-work for a month, a week or even just a day to see if you like it and change your mind as you please. The best benefit, after all, is flexibility!