Should Introverts Cowork?

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If you like spending time alone, you might think that there’s no way coworking has anything to offer you. Having built up a career as a freelancer or solopreneur, you already have the freedom to work on your own and march to the beat of your own drum so why mess with perfection? Allow us to suggest a few unexpected ways that a shared space could actually enhance your work process:

Access to Regular Events

Coworking spaces tend to encourage the development of a mini-community by regularly hosting events. As a member, you can attend the ones you feel most interested in and possibly meet up with people who share those interests too. If one event per quarter is all you want, nobody will try to make you do more. If your capacity for interaction fluctuates, these events offer an easy way to meet your quota without awkwardness.

The Element of Surprise

Working alone means being surrounded by your own way of thinking most of the day. This can be great for speeding through tasks you know well but when new challenges arise, a different perspective can come in handy. The odds of finding an unexpected solution are much higher when surrounded by new people than they are when you’re alone.

Eliminate the Isolation

Even people who enjoy solitude can start to feel isolated at some point. By using a shared space as often as needed, you can benefit from the regular hum of surrounding human activity whenever necessary and return to less busy environments as needed.

We listed three benefits of coworking for introverts but there are others like increasing your steps per day or having others around to ask for help when you need it. Whether you find you’re more productive alone or with others, there are coworking solutions that can suit you, too.